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  heroes of superga  

May 4 th 1949, times 17.05, some people became "the Heroes of Superga".

A very sad day, the Fiat G212 with on board the whole team of the Great Taurus and some journalists, it broke against the Basilica of Superga, in the immediate proximities in Turin. The team of the Turin was returning home after having disputed a friendly to Lisbon against the Benfica, this tragedy it brought away a group of professionals that in that period had shown inside and out of the field to be the best to the world, representing Italy in the best of the ways.


A team of Champions that had won five consecutive badges from the season 1942-43 to the season 1948-49, and it formed the 10/11 of the national Italian of kick. In the accident also died the executives of the team and the companions, the crew and three of the best Italian sporting journalists: Renato Casalbore, Renato Tosatti and Luigi Cavallero. Sauro Tomà, injured to the meniscus, was the only component of the Great Taurus that succeeded in being saved not having participated in the travel allowance in Lisbon.

Tragedy marked deeply the minds of Italians, the day of the funerals about a million people went down in place to Turin to give the last regard to the champions.


The Turin was proclaimed winning of the championship and the adversaries of turn lined up in the remaining games against the team of the Turin the juvenile formations.

This sad episode comes today still remembered inside the Basilica with a museum devoted to the Heroes, and to the outside with a headstone in them memory, destination of pilgrimages from sporting and not; every 4 May is celebrated a solemn mass in memory of the victims.


After having been to Superga and after having looked and prayed in front of the commemorative headstone, I want to remember to one to one all these Great Men that lost the life in this fatal accident. The team of the Great Taurus: Valerio Bacigalupo, Aldo Ballerin, Dino Ballerin, Emile Bongiorni, Rubens Fadini, Eusebio Castigliano, Guglielmo Gabetto, Ruggero Grava, Giuseppe Grezar, Virgilio Maroso, Ezio Loik, Danilo Martelli, Romeo Menti, Valentino Mazzola, Piero Operto, Mario Rigamonti, Franco Ossola, Giulio Schubert. The executives: Arnaldo Agnisetta, Ippolito Civalleri. The trainers::Leslie Levesley, Egri Erbstein. The journalists: Renato Casalbore, Luigi Cavallero, Renato Tosatti.