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  Rhodes's castle  

If are curious tourists, that make of every destination the starting point for a further discovery and beloved also the relax, calm and the greek cuisine, surely Rhodes is for you!
Rhodes it welcomes you offering you a myriad of possibility to sojourn: from the studioses (apartments in lease), to hotels of different categories according to your course.
Your itinerary could begin to the discovery of the capital; Rhodes that it will enchant you with its magic atmosphere.

Don't lose the occasion to visit it the evening; it will give you unforgettable emotions.
old Rhodes  
  Rhodes's door

The nucleus of the city is represented from Rhodes old town today still lived from over 2.400 years and note for the medieval fortification present and happened in 1309 for work of the order of the Riders of S.Giovanni. To their the construction of the Building of the Grans Teachers and the famous street of the riders it is owed flanked from different buildings: Italian, German, French and of Provenza, all today recognizable for the coats of arms that countersign them. In 1522 the Turks besieged Rhodes and they defeated the Riders.
In 1912 Rodi passed under the Italian government and after the war Mussolini decided to restore the old city of Rhodes.
A week is enough to turn the island, to reach the beaches to visit the castles and the rests of ancient temples; all it takes is having so much curiosity, resistance and to rent a car on the place: the cost is moderate however.


The western coast is very windy and is ideal for the one who loves the windsurf and the kitesurf, while that oriental is more proper for the one who loves to spend a few times to catch the sun without suffering constant gusts of wind.
Departing therefore from the oriental coast you will meet different beaches, the most enchanting are surely that of Ladiko (said also of Anthony Queen; because here in 1960 the movie was made with him as protagonist) that of Tsampika (a long beach of sand) from the crystalline and transparent sea, that of Lindos, note for its hidden bays and still a little beaten, situated to the feet of the country in front of the church where it is said that St. Paul is disembarked for evangelizing.


To the southern extremity to Prassonissi you can admire as in an embrace the union of the two Mediterranean seas and Aegean, and the surfers will have the possibility to dominate the wind.
Remember the strip of earth to cross you afoot and to climb on top of the hill, from this stings you can come down toward two bays isolated by the crystalline sea.

Saint Paul's bay old Rhodes old Rhodes old Rhodes old Rhodes parrot Dave in old Rhodes old Rhodes
old Rhodes old Rhodes old Rhodes Dave in old Rhodes