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Cruise on the Mediterranean one: an unforgettable experience
  Aurelio's arc in Tripoli  

Our cruise begins in Savona place from which we set sail in the afternoon of our first day of vacations. On the ship it lives a dream atmosphere and the impression it is that to live a film in which it detaches an elegant and comforting environment in degree to offer every activity of relaxation and relax looked for to the traveller.

After a night of navigation we reach Barcellona, dominant port of the Northern Mediterranean; the monuments that we discover and the mild climate makes us appreciate with amazement an unique feeling: the capital of the Catalogna; one of the most alive and interesting cities in Spain.

tusinian worker  
  gaudi's gardens At first we salt toward the Hill of Montijuic, from where we enjoy a stupendous panorama; we cross therefore the city center where, over the Avenida de the Diagonal, the monumental Sagrada Famiglia raises him, church of style initiated neogotico in 1882 from A. Gaudě; and all now in construction. We direct then there toward the Barrio Gotico (district medioevale) with the most important testimonies in the old city among which the Cathedral, masterpiece of the Gothic Catalan. Our tour finishes therefore with an interesting walk inside the Parque Guell, planned from Gaudě and with a supper consumed in the prestigious restaurant "Patio Andaluz." There are all the ingredients to live in full rule a Spanish evening: the basic dish is the Paella tasted and consumed while the notes of the Flamenco they cheer an unforgettable evening.  
  After a night of calm navigation the ship lands to Palm de Mallorca. We decide to visit this city pedaling on the cycle footsteps between alleys and plazas of the historical center. Departed by the port we follow the waterfront up to the Parc de the Sea, where we coast along the ancient boundaries of the city, we detain there to admire the Gothic basilica of S.Francesco, the ancient church of Sant'Eulalia and the grandiose Cathedral with the rose window of the presbytery, one of the greatest to the world. With some work we arrive, almost without breath, on the hillock that dominates the city on which the castle of Bellver is risen. The castle dominates all the entrances of Palm from the sea and from the dry land. alley in Malta  
  Malta's port

And it is in this moment that we discover the pleasure of a vacation as this; already, because the beautiful one of the cruise is that to be able to live, one behind the other, stimulating moments. From a coast to the other, the beauty, the peace of the landscapes and the extraordinary variety of the civilizations that you meet him.

At the 14:00 our ship departs to the time of Tunisi where we arrive in forenoon. With the emotion that accompanies us to every port, we salt on the bus that attends us and we departs with destination Cartagine, ancient capital punica where we visit the archaeological site, the suggestive harbors punici, the thermal baths of Antonino, the theater and the amphitheater, perfectly preserved by the Roman epoch.


We arrive therefore to the typical village of Sidi Bou Said, with the characteristics white and blue cottages; the shops are manifold and full of objects of craftsmanship. We stop there in a characteristic place where we taste the The to the pinolis.

We return toward Tunisi and, among the so many places of interest, we admire the casbah, the great plaza of the Government and the Great Mosque with the imposing Minaret that dominates the old markets of fabrics, carpets, beaten silvers and perfumes. Here in the streets of the Souks, typical district of the artisans with a myriad of roads and alleys, takes advantage to make shopping of it. We purchase flat from the very alive colors and perfumes with fragrances of aromatic essences they say being aphrodisiac. We return in evening on the ship and to relax decides us to spend a couple of hours among gym, swimming pool, sauna and Turkish bath. And then to supper where attends us a menů rich in juicy dishes!
ancient building in Malta  
  sagrada familia What good awakening, for the day later, if not that offered by a splendid sun of a clear day. Full of emotion leans out there and takes action to have come in the very beautiful one port of "La Valletta-Malta". After having made a turn for the city with visit to the gardens of the XVIII century, we direct there toward the inside of the island; we reach Medina ancient capital of Malta, city Medioevale with the beautiful Cathedral, therefore we reach Mosta and we admire the famous dome of the Parish Church, third to the world for greatness. We finally direct there toward the village Ta Qali where we visit handicraft factories for the workmanship of the glass, of the ceramics, and of the gold in filigree.  
  After this intense day, satisfied by all the visited beauties, we return on board and we take advantage of the last rays of sun to admire the spectacular sunset. The last one covers of our cruise is Tripoli! The emotion is great in how much Libya from few months has opened the doors to the international tourism. We immediately direct there toward Leptis Magna her "pearl of Africa", city founded by the Phoenician ones. For almost 2000 years the dunes of sand have favorite this immense archaeological patrimony where the Thermal baths of Adriano, the swimming pool, the frigidarium and the calidarium can be admired. We return therefore to Tripoli defined in past "the white bride of the Mediterranean" and we direct there toward the Castle surrounded by mighty boundaries. We visit the Triumphal arc of Mark Aurelio, the Mosque Gurji and the Museum of the Jamahiriya. We finish our visit in the Souks with the so many handicraft shops. Toward the 18.00 the ship leaves again for the return in Italy. We allow us to the shoulders the lights of the city of Tripoli and sail to the time in Savona satisfied and full of enthusiasm for this marvelous cruise in the Mediterranean. Valletta  
Palma di Maiorca Port of Palma di Maiorca Sagrada Familia Barcellona Malta Tripoli Tripoli Tunisi's mosque Tunisi's mosque