Viaggi e Ricette nel Mondo




After a departed summer to the sea, where we have practised different aquatic sports, returned to Milan, my friend Emanuele and I we have decided to frequent a course of sailboat. Recommended by a friend, there are turned to "To Live the Sail" one among the schools of sailboat improve in Milan. The course consisted of theoretical lessons near the center of the school, in the street Valtellina and practical lessons to be developed on the lake at Sesto Calende. The environment of the school is really beautiful, the instructors are boys and young girls pushed by the desire to transmit their love for this sport to all the participants of the courses.

  According to us to Live the Sail is a school some different at the others, the founders and the instructors are simple people and the environment it is accessible to everybody, in the other schools we have perceived an atmosphere, "snob." The lessons of theory developed it inside the places of the school, in the evening hours, during which the instructors taught us with the help of a dispensation and the blackboard, the terminology that is used on the boat and the manoeuvres of navigation. Simplicity and availability shown during the theoretical lessons were also confirmed then on the boat from our instructors. We had chosen to go to the lake every Sunday, after having purchased the necessary minimum to climb on the boat, waxed, suitable shoes antislipway, has faced our first lesson on the lake.  
  An unique emotion, was five students and an instructor that it coordinated us in the manoeuvres. Every student covered a well precise position on the boat, to rotation he changed among us students the posting of navigation. When we went to the rudder we had the assignment of "to bring" the boat, checked always from near from the instructor, the helmsman decided everything, the walk and the manoeuvres, and the other crew members had to perform his "orders" with sense of timing and synchronization, to avoid to mistake a manoeuvre. During the navigation the instructor taught us to complete the correct movements and made us cross again the terminology, very particular, of the perfect sailing. Every thing on the boat  

come called in a well precise way. The lessons of practice developed it for the whole day on the lake, also the lunch to the sack was consumed on the boat after having moored it in a calm position. We have sailed with different atmospheric conditions, from the sun to the rain, the time never stops the true ones "wolves of sea", even if in these cases prudence is the mother of everybody, when atmospheric conditions worsen, they increase the difficulties of "to bring" a boat, this we have ascertained it of person, even if on the lake the difficulties that you can be met are very inferior to those that you can be met in sea. To have tried to sail with whatever time, have sailed further also on different types of


boat every lesson we changed boat, this to know the different models and being ready in a future to sail on whatever boat without the least difficulty. Among a boat and the other there are some differences, above all as to use and whether to find the different devices to complete the manoeuvres. At the end of every lesson of practice, we made a small meeting to cross again the passages of the day, the difficulties met and to receive further suggestions from our instructor. The beautiful one, as I have said before, it was the relationship with the instructors, every lesson besides changing boat, we also changed instructor, the crew instead that remained always. The practical lesson always finished to the cafe of the parking-boats, where everybody together we made an appetizer, occasion to know better ourselves and to tighten new friendships.