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TUNISIA: the colors and the tones of a culture

  Sahara's desert  

This is African, behind Libya and leaned out on the Mediterrraneo Sea, it enjoys of a mild climate that remembers some that of Sicily. Our trip starts with the landing of the flight to Djerba, to continue toward Zarzis, about fifty more kms distant.
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Arrivals in the hotel, will be caught in the act hardly by the magnificence of this hotel structure that will welcome you with all of its magnificence: columns that evoke ancient temples, comforting rooms with sight sea and palms, swimming pool to the open one, a pleasant atmosphere that he breathes thanks to the presence of animators charismatic and personal professional, as well as' to that of sympathetic nervous system little animals that make the atmosphere of the family stay.

Resort Vinci  
  Dave to horse

To the discovery after all
After having enjoyed the sea walking on the beach, the sea odor breathing, it is probable that you come upon you in some tunisinos that a walk proposes you to horse or on the dromedary. In this case, after having bargained over on the cost of the minitour, (it is good custom to do it with these people, it would be almost offensive to avoid, not how unwise, treating of skilled dealers), you will find again you to back of these two animals in shore to the sea and you will be spellbound from the colors of the sunset. In the afternoon you can take advantage for making a small excursion to Djerba, known town for the mercatinis, the Houmts Souk, famous for their spices, known for the fishing, but known also for the


numerous handicraft objects (shoes, hand perfume, dressed), but above all the shops where still the carpets today they are spun: you will be impressed by the speed with which the women plot them, getting plots from the varied geometric figures and embellished by symbols of good auspice: the carpets are usually given to the new couples as symbol of longevity. Continuing reaches the museum of famous Guellalla for the ceramics production and manufactured articles in terracotta.
After having entered the shops of souvenir, foreshortenings of daily life can be admired, reassumed in scenographies in which attractive manikins are dressed again by suits, at times sumptuous (in the case of marriages), at times simple (in the case you deal with common citizens).

Houmts Souk  
  camels in the desert

Among a room and the other of the museum can happen to meet a keeper tunisian that for few moneys he can go off you a photo framing your face in an Arabic mirror. The visit of the museum finishes from protagonists: the tourists can wear Arabic garments and to have a memory everything "tunisiian."

The charm of the desert
For the lovers of unique and unforgettable moments, as well as for the romantic ones or even for the most adventurous, one covers, absolutely not to skip, it is that of the desert. Fascinating landscape and unequivocally overwhelming, it will capture you with his bronze-gilded color: imagine a wave to ride you, now imagine you to ride it on a camel and little by little the wave will become a dune served as myriads of thin grains of sand.

A soft mantle, similar to flour to the touch, attends you to give you a mirage: the door of the desert divides the civil world from that uncontaminated. You will meet the Bedouin ones, the ancient inhabitants of this landscape, will come upon you in the fox of the desert, a tender little animal whose arc of life stops after alone two years. Penetrating more always, you will enjoy of a scenery stupendous fact of palms, of sources, of dates. You can now close the eyes and to walk to bashful along the road for Zarzis. Another covers: that of the village of Matmata again lived by the Troglodytes, people that they live underground still; they have in fact dug of the burrows in the earth and result of the very simple rooms. In this village, so few "industrialized", a contradiction emerges: in fact the film has been turned Star Wars (Stellar Wars) indeed modern, if the place is considered so "primitive."

the village of Matmata  
  Dave and Chou Chou

These aspects of Tunisia, so shortly synthesized, I am "seasoned" among them from tastes and different tastes. You can realize from the dishes and from the culinary traditions that you to the hotel Vinci can tasted: from the typical cous-cous of meat, but does it also present with varying fish, to the ragout, to the varieties of molluscs, to the quantity of base sweets of apple, coconut and honey, and to end, as digestive, whether not to try the thè to the mint, to the pinolis or to the almonds, done serve with so much ability and dexterity by our friend Chou Chou?

But who is Chou Chou?
Chou Chou is a tunisian boy that he works inside the hotel in a parlor, type pub, in Arabic style, and that it will entertain you with his witty wisecracks, it will make you have a good time and it will prepare, besides the tisanes, the famous "arghille". All this in very nice way and to effect: impossible in short to forget him of it..

Reserved a stay in these spellbound places, whose beauty will be able yourselves to ascertain and never to forget!

Resort Vinci Resort Vinci Matmata troglodytes goats camels Dave in the desert Dave in the desert
Resort Vinci's cat market of the fish mosque horses on the beach cat in swimming pool couple of parrots market of the spices Zarzis's port